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26 March 2021   |   Sports Travel International   |   

Sports Performance – Maximise your Return to Training at CLS

Club La Santa might have been shut for the last few months, but that doesn’t mean the team, over in Lanzarote have been resting. Over the past year, extensive improvements have been made to the facilities and Sports Performance Services on offer. And, with many more improvements to come over the coming months, you can be sure to get the best out of your long awaited training when you return.

The Club La Santa Sports Performance Studio has been upgraded with the very latest and greatest in endurance sports technology. Whether swimming, cycling, running, or indeed triathlon is your focus, we can offer the winning combination of focused experts, personalized data, and technology to help you maximize your potential and, importantly, remain injury free.

As well as one to one services, including expert bike fits and video analysis, we also coordinate endurance-based Training camps. This means you, or your sports club, can come and spend weeks focusing on Swim, Bike, Run or Triathlon together,

For a full list of Sports Performance Events at Club La Santa, please see HERE. 

See below for more detail on the Sports Performance Services on offer.

Running Video Analysis

Over striding, heel striking, over-pronation. There are lots of little issues that can cause big issues for your running. Whether you want to improve your times, or avoid those frustrating injuries; we’re here to help. Our freshly laid track makes for the perfect location for a running video analysis.

60 Minute Session

During your 60 minute running video analysis, we will video you running on the track from various angles. We review the footage and then give you tips, techniques, and exercises that will help you improve your running speed and efficiency. This will not only improve general performance, but can also help to prevent injury. Good running technique can allow you to train more, with faster recovery while remaining injury free. A run video analysis can be a great start to race preparation, or a good platform for building up those all important miles.

Swim Video Analysis

From the all important catch to the often cut short exit phase, there’s a lot more to the average swim stroke than most people think. The trouble with swimming is, it’s really hard to know what exactly you’re doing underwater, let alone if you’re doing it ‘right’. That’s where we come in. With an expert team and three Olympic sized swimming pools, the CLS Swim Video Analysis will get your swimming ship shape in no time.

60 Minute Session

In your swim analysis session, we will video your swimming from three different angles. After reviewing the footage we will be able to advise you on technique adjustments to help you swim smarter and faster. Good swimming technique can not only make you swim faster and avoid injuries, but can also make your swimming much more efficient and ‘effortless’. This can be vital, especially for the triathletes among you, as an easy swim can set you up for a great day on the bike and run!

Bike Fit 

Many cyclists and triathletes are riding bikes that are not the right size for them. Combined with an incorrect saddle height, this can create saddle sores, back pain or other injuries while also causing poor pedalling efficiency. That’s where we come in.

There are several bike fit options on offer at Club La Santa. You can choose from a Static, Dynamic, or Pedal Analysis bike fit, to ensure you get the best option to suit your cycling needs. We also offer an All- Inclusive Performance Package for those who want to make sure they have all their bases covered. The All-Inclusive Performance Package includes all aspects of Static Bike Fit, Dynamic Bike Fit and Pedal Analysis.  A comprehensive report, summarising all the components of the session is then included. We will give recommendations for flexibility, mobility and strength improvements too!

Static Bike Fit – 45 Min Session
  • Static Measurements are taken. An efficient and effective way to find the right matching bike, based on accurate anatomical measurements of the rider. 
  • Measurements allow accurate calculation of optimum saddle height, reach, and handlebar width for the rider. 
  • Measurements can be input into the extensive database which will compare the measurements to over 60 brands and 3000 frames to determine the correct bike. 
  • Printout of the measurements also available.
Dynamic Bike Fit  – 2.5 Hours Session

All of the above elements from the static bike fit PLUS…

  • Enhanced postural assessment, joint ranges, muscular flexibility and strength, and injury history.  
  • 3D-Video analysis of pre & post bike fit positions. 
  • Motion analysis incorporating body-specific data such as , joint freedom, muscular flexibility checks. This can help to further optimise bike position. 
  • Shimano Dynamics Lab-technology to ensure exact Realtime Biometric Analysis. 

Pedal Stroke Analysis
  • 3D Pedalling Analysis for in-depth assessment of performance.
  • Power output measurements including the direction of force applied to the pedals at every 7 degrees of the crank revolution, both left and right.
  • Analyse left/right balance/imbalances.
  • Insight into efficiency of  rider’s pedalling technique.
  • See everything in REAL-TIME.
  • Recommendations for changes in cleat position/ potential insole requirements based on the findings of the analysis.

The bike fit rooms and Sports Performance Studio are BRAND NEW. Indeed they are yet to be used by clients having only been completed in 2020!

Use our incredible Sports Performance facilities to get the best out of your return to CLS in 2021!

For more information see the Sports Performance Facilities in depth on the CLS website.

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